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Recruitment of Technical Assistance and Specialized Construction Workforce

More than 40 years of experience in housing, real estate, heritage projects, hotels, hospitals, roads and bridges. Architecture, Civil, Hydraulic, Sanitary, Electrical, Mechanical and Automatic Engineering specialties.

Speciallized Technical Consulting and Construction Project Management

Carrying out analysis, feasibility studies, argumentation and proposal of technical and technological solutions required by any type of construction project required by clients and associates.

Specialized construction services

Structured professional teams to perform the management and administration services of projects and works with the desired scope.

Project Design

Analysis and design of construction projects, in any of the project specialties and design stages with highly experienced professionals.

"The UNECA team offers its services in accordance with the specific conditions of the project and the country of work, always competitive and attractive for the client, the main objective being to reach a beneficial agreement for both parties".